Authenticity and transparency are at the core of my personal philosophy. When I began writing the “About” text for Butter Beautiful, I initially attempted to craft a message heavy with marketing/SEO language but quickly abandoned that idea.

Butter Beautiful originated in an organic manner and from the firm, yet loving, encouragement of a few close personal friends.

Every Fall, I make body butter to help with my dry skin during the winter months. This was a result of seeing a doctor about dry patches on my torso and being prescribed a very expensive medicated cream. The body butter I made worked like magic clearing up the eczema patches and leaving my skin moisturized and soft.

Over the years, I have shared my body butter with family and a few close personal friends and received very positive feedback, however, it never occurred to me to pursue it further.

I decided to include the body butter in the holiday gift bags and a friend suggested I affix labels with my company name on the jars. To which I responded, “Company what?! This is just a hobby and thoughtful gift made out of love.” I settled on the idea of including a label to indicate the scent but not a company name, since it didn’t exist at the time.

Twenty-eight jars of body butter in twenty-eight gift bags was my way of expressing love and encouraging self-care to the beautiful women/sister/friends receiving that gift. End of story – or so I thought.

The positive responses, encouragement, and loving threats of accountability from sister-friends forced me to reconsider my approach and Butter Beautiful was born.

Butter Beautiful products have been thoughtfully hand-crafted focused on quality and efficacy with natural ingredients and formulated for all skin types.

I am grateful for and humbled by your support so when you purchase a Butter Beautiful product, I want you to feel confident in your decision and happy with the results.

T. McGee

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